Musculoskeletal System

Essential prerequisites for the mobility of horses are good muscles, good blood circulation and elastic tendons and ligaments. We must pay special attention to the joints. The synovial fluid ensures smooth movement, it lubricates cartilage and joints.

With every movement, it is pumped into the joint. Pain and relieving posture lead to stiffening. If the initial stiffness is further aggravated by a lack of exercise, it can even lead to chronic inflammation. Inflammation and deposits in the joint cause pain with every movement. Glycosaminoglycans, e.g. from the green-lipped mussel, are able to smooth the roughened joint matrix and thus enable smoother movements again. Movement is important for the horse's entire organism, including bone density. In standing phases, not only does the musculature recede, but the strength of the bones also decreases. Herbal mixtures that stimulate circulation help to better nourish the periosteum and joints, maintain bone density and prevent deposits by better removing metabolic products. Movement is a complex interaction of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. We can have a supporting and regulating effect here with nutritional supplements and herbs.