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Revitalises older horses
In old age, many bodily functions start to deteriorate. Horses supplied with Seniorsan are livelier and more active, with more zest for life and a better quality of life. Combine Seniorsan herbs with HerbaCor and Sonnenwend-Immunkräuter herbs or alternate these on a weekly basis.
The herbs in Seniorsan improve digestion and the metabolism, promote elimination and support the joint functions.
Crude protein 11.8%, crude fats 3.2%, crude fibre 23.4%, crude ash 7.3%.
Calcium 1.03%, phosphorous 0.29%, sodium 0.05%.
Application Notes
Feed approx. 50 g to 70 g Seniorsan per horse per day, preferably moistened with the feed.
Yarrow, nettle, goldenrod, sage, fenugreek, devil’s claw, marigold.