Ginkgo (1 kg)

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Promotes blood circulation
Ginkgo is a well-studied plant that improves blood circulation in a gentle and effective way. Ginkgo leaves are an alternative to willow bark and meadowsweet.
Ginkgo protects the blood vessel walls and the red blood cells with its antioxidative effect. It thus promotes blood circulation in the entire periphery, i.e. the skin, hooves, brain and internal organs. Ginkgo is therefore often given in addition to other herbs to ensure that their active ingredients more effectively reach where they are needed most.
Crude fibre 13.7%.
Calcium 1.89%, phosphorous 0.29%, sodium 0.01%.
Application Notes
Depending on the size of the horse, mix 1 to 3 heaping tablespoons of PerNaturam ginkgo leaves with the feed every day for one or two weeks.
100% ginkgo leaves, cut.