Sanguina 1 kg

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Iron-rich herbal mixture to support blood formation
These ferrous herbs are particularly important for red blood cells or a low haemoglobin count – as ascertained in blood test results. More haemoglobin – more oxygen – better deacidification – more power. Anaemia due to a lack of iron is a typical consequence of a poor diet. As a result of iron deficiency, the immune system weakens, performance deteriorates and a shortness of breath can often be noted.
The ferrous herbs in Sanguina provide the iron compounds necessary for blood formation. To optimise the mineral supply feed Orgamin or seaweed powder. Another important source of iron is the Hortus vegetable mix. In many cases, it is recommendable to use HerbaCor in parallel to strengthen the circulation.
Crude protein 9.4%, crude fats 5.8%, crude fibre 27.8%, crude ash 6.5%.
Calcium 1.07%, phosphorous 0.23%, sodium 0.03%.
Application Notes
Feed 50 to 70 g Sanguina for a horse daily, ideallymoistened over the lining. Sanguina herbs becomeeither fed for a limited period of time, around 4For weeks, or you feed them alternately or togetherwith other PerNaturam herbal blends, such asthe solstice immune herbs or the HerbaCor mixture.
Horehound, agrimony, blackberry leaves, verbena, hemp agrimony, thyme, fennel, elderberries, tormentil, Siberian ginseng, rowan berries.