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Skin & Fur

Skin and fur enclose the entire organism and as a comprehensive organ reflect the health of the dog. From the condition of the skin, the structure and the quality of the coat, therapists can draw numerous conclusions about the nutritional situation and general condition.

In the laboratory, hair diagnosis can even be used to determine the nutrient supply, especially with minerals and trace elements, but also the level of toxins. Skin and coat are therefore the mirror of health. This leads us to the holistic view of the dog. Problems like scaly skin, eczema, a dull coat, poor pigmentation or hair loss are signs of metabolic problems or an unbalanced diet. Older dogs can show skin and coat problems even with good care. Here, the supply of all nutrients for coat formation is necessary in order to relieve the liver from its extensive work and to support hair growth. During or after the change of coat, a drainage should be carried out, which also revitalizes and improves the metabolism.