Stress & Performance

Our horses give us closeness to nature and balance. Most of the day they graze quietly in the pasture, leading a very relaxed life. However, 50 to 70% of recreational horses and over 90% of race horses suffer from gastric ulcers. What stress are our horses exposed to?

Stress can be external, but it is often the result of a lack of inner balance. Stress is understood to mean the psychological and physical reactions caused by specific stimuli that enable one to cope with special requirements. Stress reactions take place in different phases, there is active and passive stress, different reactions to stress and much more. Stress does not always have to be negative, as eustress it can improve the willingness to react and even improve performance. Negative stress caused by constant excessive demands, but also insufficient demands and weaknesses, can lead to aggression and illness. It is therefore important to first identify and eliminate the causes of stress. If the causes are identified and avoided or if you practice dealing with the stressors, you can also have a calming and balancing effect from the nutritional side. This promotes concentration and performance.