Usniotica 100 ml

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Strengthens the desired intestinal flora

Usniotica was previously called UsneaKat for cats. Only the name has been changed, not the composition.

For imbalances in the intestinal flora and accompanying therapy for treatments against Giardia.
Crude protein 0.1%, crude fat 29.6%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 0.1%.
Coconut oil, sunflower oil, beard lichen and calendula.
Feeding Recommendation
Give Usniotica 3 times a day with the food.

≤ 4 kg body weight = 5 drops
≥ 4 kg body weight = 10 drops

≤ 5 kg body weight = 1 ml
= 15 kg body weight = 2 ml
≥ 30 kg body weight = 3 ml

20 drops make about 1 ml
1 teaspoon holds about 3 ml

Shake the bottle well before use.