AviGaron (Avis) (250g)

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Help for the stressed intestine

AviGaron is a proven supplement made from apple pectins. The galacturonic acids contained in it bind unwanted bacteria and toxins in the intestine. This keeps the intestinal mucosa intact and bound germs are excreted in a metabolically neutral way. AviGaron accelerates a balanced colonisation with symbiotic intestinal bacteria. It saves the time-consuming preparation of Moro's carrot soup. Its effectiveness is also based on the galacturonic acids, which are then only released by the long cooking process. However, their content in carrots is subject to strong fluctuations. AviGaron delivers a consistent, effective quality and is simply mixed with warm water.
Crude protein 1.9 %, crude fat 0.7 %, crude fibre 1.0 %, crude ash 8.1 %
Ca 0.16 %, P 0.6 %, Na 1.73 %, < 0.1 % lysine, < 0.1 % methionine
apple pectins with a high content of galacturonic acids
Feeding Recommendation
Feeding recommendation: add 2 teaspoons with warm water over the food or in the drinking water. In case of very hard water, supplement with apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp. per litre)