Hofgarten (Avis) 500 g

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Art. No. 103001

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Vitalising through herbs and vegetable diversity

It is a high demand to imitate the variety of food of free-living chickens in the enclosure, and to meet this demand was the requirement for our farm garden. We have put together an aromatic variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits for every day. We create the biodiversity of former farms, gardens and orchards in the courtyard garden. The mixture tastes particularly good to the chickens, gives them a better quality of life and improves healthy intestinal colonisation through fibre and roughage. The resulting quality of life and zest for life is reflected in the number and better taste of the eggs. Treat yourself to the pleasure and, of course, your chickens too.

Please store in a cool and dry place
crude protein 11,1 %, crude fat 3,2 %, crude fibre 19,8 %, crude ash 7,8 %
Ca 0,28 %, P 0,26 %, Na 0,10 %, 0,46 % lysine, 0,13 % methionine
Composition: Carrot, beetroot, lovage, parsnip, rosehip, birch leaves, yarrow, knotweed, meadowsweet, lady's mantle, deadnettle, lemon balm, camomile, raspberry leaves, fennel, seaweed.
Feeding Recommendation
Mix up to 5 tablespoons daily with 1 kg of moistened basic feed