SilyCholin 500 g

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To support liver functions
Milk thistle is one of the traditional liver herbs. The silymarin contained in the seeds, together with bitter herbs and microalgae, supports the liver in its regeneration and helps with drainage. Detailed instructions for our detoxification cures can be found here and in our guide -liver and kidneys-.
Crude protein 11%, crude fats 6.8%, crude fibre 10.3%, crude ash 7.6%.
Calcium 0.58%, phosphorous 0.29%, sodium 0.15%.
Application Notes
Application Notes
Give SilyCholin for 3 days, then take a 3 day break, then give 3 days again - preferably over a 4 week period.
400 kg body mass = 6 -12 g 500-600 kg body mass = 15 g 700 kg body mass = 24 g
For a detoxification cure:
3 days of SilyCholin, depending on the size of the horse, then a break of 3 days, then 3 days of SilyCholin again. In addition Lüneburg herbs and Rhenalind® kidney herbs, also in a 3-day change. EquiZeolon and Willow Bark & Meadowsweet daily. Important Note:
Before you start administering SilyCholin, you should be sure that your horse's liver is not already overloaded. You can use a urine test to determine if your horse is suffering from KPU. Then it should be dealt with first. Find out more about KPU on our website and call the team of consultants, we will be happy to support you.
Ingredients of milk thistle seeds (silymarin 10%), pectins, spirulina, turmeric, apple granules, sunflower lecithin (GMO-free), sweet herb (also choline, biotin and betaine of plant origin).