TopiMal 5 kg

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Fiber pellets - for diarrhea and fecal water
– for diarrhoea and faecal water PerNaturam TopiMal is a combination of Jerusalem artichoke and apple pellets. The above-ground parts of the Jerusalem artichoke plant are rich in absorbent crude fibre that binds faecal water. This effect is enhanced by the natural pectin content of the apple pellets. In addition, germs and endotoxins are bound and can no longer burden the intestines and metabolism. TopiMal is an important feed supplement during feed changes, in the pasture and grazing phase to stabilise the intestinal flora, to protect the intestinal mucosa and to regulate the electrolyte balance.
TopiMal regulates intestinal activity and provides structured, firm feces. Because of the high swelling capacity and the binding ability of germs and endotoxins, TopiMal is a gentle aid for regulating intestinal activity. As a swellable, crude fibre-rich feed additive, it binds feces water and ensures structured, solid feces.
Crude protein 6%, crude fats 2.8%, crude fibre 28.4%, crude ash 5.3%.
Calcium 0.64%, phosphorous 0.15%, sodium 0.69%.
Application Notes
Give 100 to 500 g daily, depending on the size of the horse.
Pellets 50% Jerusalem artichoke, 50% gently juiced apples.