EquiZeolon 900 g

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EquiZeolon has an extraordinary absorption capacity, mainly due to the micro-activated zeolite (clinoptilolite). This allows toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances to be bound during the digestive process and eliminated from the body. The natural minerals calcium and magnesium and trace elements from zeolite, combined with galangal and marigold, support the beneficial flora in the intestinal tract and care for the intestinal mucosa. EquiZeolon is neutral-tasting. It can be used long-term to support the elimination process and the acid-base balance as well as in all stressful situations, to regulate the intestinal flora and to cleanse the intestines after unusual strain.
Crude protein 1 %, crude fats 0,3 %, crude fiber 1,9 %, crude ash 92,1 %
Ca 3,59%, P 0,02%, Na 0,34 %,
850 g activated natural zeolite of sedimentary origin (1g568)
Activated zeolite with dolomite, galangal root, marigold blossom with calyx
Feeding Recommendation
Large horses get 25 g to 50 g daily, small horses up to 300 kg 15 g to 25 g daily. The daily amount can be divided into two feeds. The measuring spoon holds 10 g.

Instructions for use:
Due to the high content of zeolite clinoptilolite, feed max. up to 60 g daily (depending on the size of the horse).