Heparlind® 1 kg

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To boost hepatic activity
Metabolic waste products, environmental toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, fungal toxins, additives in animal feed, medicines: it is the body that has the task of eliminating all these substances again. It's hard work for the liver. If it is overstrained, substances are temporarily stored in the body in tendons, ligaments, connective tissue and in the extracellular space. As a result, a detoxification treatment is regularly needed. The liver is an indefatigable and very patient organ, it still works when severely damaged without complaining of pain. Liver damage is also long overlooked, because in horses we hardly notice any changes in skin colour or the eyeballs. Only the skin that is affected by dandruff, eczema, mallenders, rain rot and hoof ulcers indicate that the liver is overloaded.
Heparlind is a herbal mixture for stimulating hepatic functions. These herbs are indispensable since they are absent from the pastures. At the same time, it is recommended that renal activity is stimulated with Lüneburg and/or Rhenalind herbs, preferably alternately, to ensure that toxins are excreted more quickly. In many cases, it is also necessary to promote blood circulation, which is achieved with willow bark/meadowsweet or ginkgo from PerNaturam.
Crude protein 9.6%, crude fats 3.8%, crude fibre 21.8%, crude ash 8.8%.
Calcium 1.17%, phosphorous 0.2%, sodium 0.29%.
Application Notes
Feed 50 to 70 g of Heparlind® liver herbs for one horsedaily, moistened with the feed.
Artichoke leaves, rosemary needles, yarrow, dandelion leaves with roots, hyssop.